We are Creators.

the art of business

100 Productions was founded in 2017 by Jorge Anthony and Jay Sanchez. Jorge comes from a creative background having worked in the TV/Film industry sine he was only 17 and quickly began his own path of content creation and aesthetic development to start making art. Jay has a deep history with over a decade of business development and structuring working for and alongside the worlds top corporate companies, managing and developing new ideas for business and project management, After years of working for others, Jay decided to start his own company of company of consulting and building development which is how his 1st company, The BGR Group, was started.


new ideas begin

In Late 2016, we began idealizing about a New Age Production Company. One that can create, promote, and manage everything within it’s own eco-system of work. We developed a plan to start 100 Productions and make it the new platform for Businesses & Artists. With this company we plan on being able to jump start any idea we set our minds to and collaborate with this generations greatest minds to create art and opportunities for everyone everywhere.


Taking Over The Bay

Originally starting off in Los Angeles, California, we decided that we needed to re-position ourselves in 2018 to The Bay Area. The Bay Area is a well contained eco-system of artists, entrepreneurs, and of course, the tech industry here in Silicon Valley. The Film Industry is not as prevalent as it is in LA, but we plan on changing this as we accelerate forward and bring light to the Bays Possibilities. We believe The Bay has more opportunity for growth of our New Age Media due to its unsaturated nature unlike our counterpart of LA. With visions looking forward, we aim to make The Bay the next Hot Spot for creators of all kinds and being right there on the front lines of assisting anyone that’s also willing to take this shot with us. #WeAreTheBayArea


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